Why you should ditch gmail/hotmail for your business
July 22, 2019

Did you know that using generic @hotmail / @gmail email addresses for your business could mean a 97% decrease in enquiries from potential customers?

A recent poll undertaken by Blink Web asked members of the Hampshire Womens Business Group whether they would choose a business with branded @businessname.co.uk email over a business with a free Hotmail/Gmail account. Just over 97% stated they would choose the business with the branded email.

107 total responses

Not only does registering your business name as a web domain secure your name to prevent misuse by rivals, it allows you to send and receive professional looking email where customers will see your business name on every reply.

Setting up business branded email is simple, you just need a domain name and a hosting package. From just £3.99 a month you can create up to 5 @yourname.co.uk email address on our bronze package. If you require more than 5, no problem, just choose a higher tier. All hosting packages support web space too for any future website design you may require.

Sign up and start sending today here.

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